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Private Cloud Solution from INTUIT Micro

Private Cloud on the raise in the Middle East healthcare industry



As the requirement of BYOD and mobile accessibility requirements on the raise in over all healthcare industry, Middle East service providers are looking to migrate from traditional local hosted solution to private cloud or even shared cloud solutions.

INTUIT Micro has partnered with EHDF to provide private cloud solutions to the UAE and Middle East healthcare service providers. While the hosting options outside the country may be economical, the regulatory norms set by the UAE and middle east health authorities restricts patient data to be stored outside the country.

Cloud adoption is comparatively slow in the region compared to the rest of the western world due to awareness and reliability of local technology companies. Being a trusted partner in the healthcare spectrum INTUIT Micro designed a easy adopt, affordable private cloud and shared cloud solutions for the region keeping local regulation in mind.

EHDF has the state of the art Tier 3 Data center in Dubai Internet City. The facility has redundancy on network, power. EHDF has 24/7 monitors their infrastructure for network reliability and cyber safety. Partnering with them we feel we are able to provide more secured private and shared cloud solution to the health care industry.

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